BMS Office

BMS Office Hours:  8:00am-3:30pm
Office Phone: 314-962-8238
Office Fax:  314-968-8724

Dorenda Ford
BMS Principal's Secretary

Dorenda's Major BMS Responsibilities:
     Secretarial and administrative support for the principal
     Finances (lunch deposits, payroll, and purchasing)
     Substitute teachers

One of Dorenda's BMS Memorable Moments:
"The day our entire school came together to experience the 2018 Solar Eclipse.  It was exciting for us to gather on the school track and, for a small moment in time, observe this historical moment.  We were able to watch history take place and also be a major part of the process."


Jasmine Windom
BMS Registrar/Building Secretary

Jasmine's Major BMS Responsibilities:
     Administrative support/secretarial support
     School records, attendance, discipline

One of Jasmine's BMS memorable moments:
"The day I took part in the middle schools' Talent Show last year with a group of teachers and performed a song dedicated to the students."